The Humane Society Would Have Helped Noah Too.

I’m the sort who gets teary-eyed reading Lost Dog posters. So I’m almost glad we don’t have TV access right now, otherwise I’d be glued to the news stations 24/7. I can’t bear to hear over and over of the overwhelming tragedy along the Gulf Coast, the heart-wrenching stories of loved ones lost, human and animal. I weep for them all, but especially for the animals, who depend on us for everything, but all too often get left behind (often times because shelters won’t allow them.)

After the big F5 tornado hit Oklahoma City in May of 1999, there were hundreds of animals brought into the animal shelters. Conditions were awful–some of the pens held 5-6 times as many dogs as they should. The shelters asked for foster families to take these animals in until their owners could come for them. I volunteered (I lived outside of OKC at the time), and brought home a timid little Brittany Mix named Storm Dog 17. Nobody ever claimed him, so he became mine. Mosby (actually, his full name is Colonel John Singleton Mosby Valley Wedding, otherwise known as Bratus Eatus Maximus) is now top dog in this house.

The whole point of that story is that I could do something active; I wasn’t helpless. I hate feeling helpless. Hate it, hate it, hate it. And helpless is how I’ve felt for the past few days. Then my husband told me about the Blog for Relief Day (he read about it at The Truth Laid Bear). I was amazed at the flood of support rising to stand against this disastrous flood. The great thing is, even though I’m a newbie blogger, I can be a part of this incredible undertaking. I can finally do something.

So, if you’re an animal lover like me, donate to the Humane Society Diaster Relief Fund. If you prefer another charity, donate there. Just donate somewhere. I’m offering to match your donation up to a total of $250. Drop me a comment saying which organization you’ve given to, and how much, and I’ll send them the same amount.

Thanks for reading and for giving.
God Bless.

For suggestions on who/where/how to give, visit the following sites: MightyBargainHunter suggests Samaritan’s Purse is keeping everyone organized and has a whole slew of charity links is another good list of charity links Charity Navigator helps you know that the organization you donate to uses your donations wisely At Technorati: and