Should Writers Blog?

Waste of Time

Should writers blog?

Back in 2005, when I first started up this blog, I had a relatively regular schedule for posts. However, as the Punkin got older and more demanding, and as I branched off into the world of quilting/sewing, my posts appeared less and less often. I’d look at the site guiltily every day, but be unable to sit down long enough to post on something interesting.

Added to my problem was this: To have a successful blog requires not only good content, but also good comments on other people’s blogs. I used to spend hours reading other blogs, then even more time commenting on what I read. You know, that whole interaction/traffic thing. So by the time I was done my nightly surfing, my eyes were crossing, my yawns were splitting my head, and all I could think of was bed (I get little enough sleep as it is–my doctor has actually ordered me to get more). Worst of all, my own writing was sitting there untouched.

I eventually took a sabbatical from all blogging, writing and reading, in order to focus on finishing my first novel. That finished, I tried to get back into blogging, and instead got side-swiped by NaNoWriMo. Then sewing projects one right after the other. Until recently, working my way back into the thick of the blogsphere has been near impossible.

I now have two blogs that I attempt to post to on a semi-regular schedule, without much success. This one gets new posts only when I’ve a book review to post. Hitting the Blocks gets new content only when I finish a project. And I’ve got the insane idea of adding a third to chronicle my attempts at homeschooling. I’d love to get my blogs up to the level they were that first year, but somehow I just don’t see that happening. But when to add all this content? The small amounts of time I do have for writing (usually from about 11pm to 1am), I now hoard for working on my books.

So I ask again–should writers blog? Yes, it can be a wonderful place to trade thoughts, receive criticism and support, and find new ideas. But it can also be a terrible time-suck. In the time it’s taken me to write this one post, I could have gotten two or three pages of my book(s) written (possibly more, since it’s still early and I’m relatively coherent).

That being said, I’m off to work on a skirt. And then to write. Hopefully.

Hoffman Challenge Quilt Finished!

What I’ve been up to the past month.


Official NaNoWriMo 2007 Winner

And that says it all.

Now back to our previously scheduled life…

Practically Finished!

Well, I finished all the flora on the wall today. Yahoo!

Oh, and we made the cute bear clock on the wall too.

Here’s the mostly finished product. I still have to paint on the fauna (where the photos are taped on the wall) and make the curtains. But I can at least put away the 18 billion cans of green paint I’ve had out for days.




Now I’m just sitting back and enjoying the view.

Mama Painting

Well, I was going to post a review of Paths of Exile, Carla Nayland’s new novel, this week, and work on a quilt, and even possibly, maybe, hopefully, write some.

Instead I’ve spent the last 5 days painting a mural in my daughter’s bedroom (at my folks’ place in West Virginia). My parents named each of their rooms for one of the places we’ve lived. The Punkin’s room is the Northwest room. The big mountain you can barely see up at the top of the picture is supposed to be Mount Rainier, in Washington state.


I’m rather proud of how it’s turning out, considering this is my first mural ever. This isn’t the finished product–the dogwood’s already been painted over since it just didn’t fit in with the rest of the picture.

Needless to say, I’ve not gotten much else done this week. The Punkin especially is quite sick of “Mama painting.” I’m really hoping to have it done tomorrow (though I’ve been hoping that for the past 4 days)

I do promise to have that review up by the end of the month. Maybe even next week, Lord willing and the crik don’t rise.